We provide assistance to our customers by delivering the following services:


1. Consulting and assistance with your educational programs providing comprehensive study options, our focus is to provide you with a tailored solution for your needs.

2. Consulting and assisting you with your enrolment in a variety of English courses, Vocational (VET) courses and university courses within all Australian territory.

3. We will assist you in finding your perfect accommodation and also opening your Australian bank account even before your arrival in Australia;

4. Expert travel advice and comprehensive support for all your flight needs.

5. Complete support throughout your transition into the Australian labor market.

6. Complete assistance with your mandatory private health coverage (OSHC)

7. If you decide to stay longer, we will also provide a complete support for your study visa extension.




To apply for any visa you must have your valid passport in hand. The passport is the document required when travelling abroad. Once you arrive at your destination, always carry it with you. Your national documentation like RG and CPF can stay in Brazil. To find out more about the procedure please contact us. * The visa service does not guarantee that it will be granted. It is the responsibility of the embassy of the chosen country and no agency has the ability to interfere in this process.

Visa Application

Travel assistance are personalised cover plans for all your needs while traveling. Plans include medical and legal care, loss or damaged luggage, medical and hospital care and dental insurance, personal injury, permanent disability and much more.

Travel Assistance

The best flight for you to get there! Making the correct choice about your flight is a very important step for a stress free trip. Once we know your plans, we will make sure to give you the best options to an incredible journey.

Get in touch with our expert team to get the best rates and options

Please plan to purchase your ticket in advance.



Airfare Tickets


Sun, sea, shade and fresh water are typical characteristics of a very relaxing holiday. But in Australia these four elements are present in the day to day population of this incredible country. Australian culture reflects this idea through its unique lifestyle. Among the first on the list of quality of life, Australians know how to enjoy life with a balance between work, family, education and fun.


Sixth largest country in the world with 7.69 million km2, Australia has been inhabited by man for more than 40 thousand years. With a similar climate to Brazil, it has two temperate zones south of the east and west coasts, a huge tropical strip to the north and large arid and semi-arid areas as it distances itself from the coasts.


By the ease, the British colonizers who disembarked in the country in the late eighteenth century chose the coast to build the cities. The combination of natural beauties and English civility has resulted in organized, tree-lined towns that offer excellent quality of life, as shown by surveys that rank Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide among the best in the world to live. In addition to the beautiful beaches, parks and rich fauna and flora that enchant visitors from "down under", the country still offers high levels of security, rich cultural diversity and cutting-edge cuisine.

Official Language: English

Capital: Canberra

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Human Development Index (HDI): 0.939 (high index)

Surface area: 7,692,024 km2

Population: Approximately 24.6 million inhabitants (

Population density: approximately 3.11 inhabitants / km²

Urbanization: 89% of the population live in the eight large cities

GDP: US $ 1,233 Trillion (2015 estimate)

Exports (2012 - estimate): US $ 263.9 billion

Inflation Rate: 1.9% (July 2017)

Unemployment rate: 5.,4%





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There are several reasons for you to make a student exchange program in Australia. The country is a haven of natural beauty with a society extremely receptive to international students, evidence of which, is that Australia is one of the few countries allowing you to work legally during your study period, and this is one of the reasons why Australia is one of the destinations most sought after by young people from all over the world.


Easyozzy is a student consulting and support agency offering a complete structure for you here in Brazil and also in Australia, this means we will be with you from the beginning to the end of your trip. Check out some important points for your study exchange program and talk to one of our experts now!


Meet our customers in their needs, offering security and tranquility through the best cost-benefit ratio in personalized personal and patrimonial protection solutions.


Ethics, efficiency, respect, transparency, spirit of service, teamwork.


Being a reference student agency in Australia offering a complete structure for students globally.

Do you want to study abroad? Studying abroad can be a daunting task for international students. We provide student counseling and assistance in educational programs for students intent on studying and exploring their chosen destination. We have a vast network of partners who work together to make your study experience as smooth as possible for our clients

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